Audio mastering
Working as a Mastering Engineer at Metropolis and Masterpiece Studios for over thirteen years, Simon Francis has mastered albums and singles that have gone on to amass millions of sales worldwide and win the most-prestigious industry accolades.

In 2011, he launched SFM.

‘I established SFM to preserve the approach to mastering that I had been taught at Metropolis. With a creative sense of passion for the work, and a real mindset about attention to the finer detail, I wanted to harness the best of old and new technologies, whilst satisfying my desire to spend more time with the music.’
Producers / Mixers
Simon has mastered records for producers and mixers including Stephen Harris, Andy Bradfield, Mark ' Spike ' Stent, Cenzo Townsend, Stephen Street, Philip Magee, Jacknife Lee, Andrew Scheps, Matt Lawrence, Tim Simenon, Paul ' Mudd ' Murphy, Bob Clearmountain, Joe Zook and Alan Moulder.
Stereo Mastering for all digital formats including high resolution for HD tracks, compact disc and compressed file formats. Mastered for iTunes accredited.

Vinyl Mastering & Disc Cutting. 
Stem Mastering.
Stereo Mastering at £90 per track.
All other mastering charged at £180 per hour.
Prices quoted exclude VAT at 20%.
Highlights from the last 10 years

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